Summer Slam 2018

Let's get on the Water!


Rockfish season has been open for over a month now.  Hoping that some of you have been able to get out on the water and give your luck a try.  The weather has been a little dicey with quite a bit of wind.  Always keep your eye out for the weather in the spring time. It can become very treacherous at times. 


This fishing season, it would be great to get more kids out on the water fishing. Perhaps your own children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren.  Also, we need more lady anglers fishing in this year’s tournament. You can always bring a friend from the club. It’s such a great feeling watching someone catch their first fish ever! 


This year anyone fishing on your boat at anytime can have a qualifying fish. There will be no need to sign any anglers up that will be fishing on your boat.  Let’s all work together as a team to show the joys of fishing and how  much fun there is to be had out on the open water. 


Let’s try and introduce this beautiful sport to friends and family that have never had the opportunity to experience what we do out on the water.  You can get fishing licenses online for one to three days or for the entire year. If you choose, you can even do this last minute. 


If anyone is interested in learning how to fish or even just the basics to get started with a licensed captain on a private boat, this will give you not only a great education but a huge advantage of our local action and learn more about our local hot spots for fishing.  


The captain is also available to check out your boat and all/any fishing tackle you may own.  Contact: Captain Bryce Hermann (805) 312-3798




The Summer Slam’s Captain’s Meeting will be held in Bill’s Bar on Saturday, May 12th at 5:00 p.m. This meeting is not mandatory.  


This fishing tournament will begin June 1st and last day of fishing will be September 28th. This gives all of us plenty of time to be out fishing and enjoy time on the water.


Our fishing tournament board will have rules and applications available for signing up. Please fill this application out and enclose with your check made payable to Gina Haase. 


This can be turned in at the club front desk.  We are so excited and looking forward to another season of fun and great fishing on the water.


Hoping to see all of you on Saturday, May 12th at 5:00 p.m. in Bill’s Bar!


Mike and Gina Haase

“Tight Riv”


Mike (805) 432-3006

Gina (805) 432-1893